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  1. Seems they increased the price overnight (this USA Today article discusses this topic: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destination...ates-usat_N.htm ) The good news is that it's $175 regardless if you choose a compact, midsize or fullsize car. Szymon
  2. $26/day (assuming 3 days) = $101.51 total on Priceline. If you pay with a Visa card, use the Alamo Visa special http://www.alamo.com/offer/visawinsumonline to get a convertible for $96.62 total. Szymon
  3. First hour or 2 is by the hour, then they charge for an additional day. Go to thrifty.com put in SDF for the airport, put in 9/12 11PM and 9/20 11PM as the pickup/dropoff, on the next page you will see "show hot deals", click on that, pick compact, last page should show that price for the total. Yes, you can drive the car anywhere in the US - unlimited mileage, no restrictions. Szymon
  4. What are your exact dates for this rental? Szymon
  5. 1. 9/12 11PM - 9/20 11PM should cost the same as 9/13 8AM - 9/20 11PM as rates are usually based on 24 hour periods. If you do 9/12 4PM - 9/20 11PM you'll be charged for an extra day. 2. If you're worried about not going, you should not book a prepaid rate. Book a fully cancellable rate in case your plans (or the weather) change. 3. What is the total you are aiming for? You can book a fully cancellable compact car at thrifty.com for $167.51 total. Szymon
  6. Here's a company that hires drivers to move cars cross-county: http://www.autodriveaway.com/ Szymon
  7. Since the Marriott doesn't offer free breakfast, I would guess this is the Holiday Inn Express in Southington. I've stayed here before - nice property. Szymon
  8. Hertz does come up on Priceline wins at MCO: http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/46032 http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/45801 At some airports, all cars are off site (consolidated rental car centers such as Las Vegas). With PRICELINE there is no way to guarantee this. The Hertz shuttle at MCO is very quick and efficient, and with Simply Wheelz you use a kiosk so no wait in line at the counter. Szymon
  9. Then I don't recommend bidding on PRICELINE as your bid may be accepted by Hertz for which you'd have to take the same shuttle. Szymon
  10. $13 per day * 7 days = $133.79 for an economy car total. Simplywheelz.com (by Hertz) has an economy car for $108.12 total for your dates. I suggest you book it before rates increase. Note: AAA rate is $103.63 if you're eligible. Szymon
  11. What size car are you bidding for? What's the best price with/without taxes you found? Szymon
  12. PRICELINE bids include unlimited mileage. Szymon
  13. It says it on dollar.com - I am not sure where to find the rental terms with HOTWIRE. Szymon
  14. I tried it again and now get a price of $461.50 Szymon
  15. Looks like $15 = $450.18 all in on PRICELINE. If you use the Delta Skymiles code U093300 at Budget.com, you can get the economy car for $538.45 total. Szymon
  16. On HOTWIRE, for a 4 day rental I see Dollar for $58.99/day - that is most likely what you saw. Yes, this is cancellable as this is not a 'blind' purchase. Note that with Dollar, driving is restricted to the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California. Traveling into Canada is limited to Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. metro area only. Szymon
  17. Looks like the total at hertz.com is only $11 more than the PRICELINE total. So definitely a good option. Szymon
  18. I think you'll need quite a higher bid to be successful... regular rates are about $500 total for your dates. Szymon
  19. In case you're interested, if you use the AA frequent flyer discount code U072405 at Budget.com, you can get a convertible for $63.46 total. Szymon
  20. All car rentals through the name your own price service include unlimited mileage. Szymon
  21. I've stayed here twice and enjoyed it both times. This is a nice place, and the back road to Animal Kingdom is great (no dealing with 192 traffic) Szymon
  22. Note that you can't bid on a specific hotel ... so you may get a resort other than the Omni. Szymon
  23. Courtyards don't offer complimentary breakfast. Szymon
  24. I think it's still early - most promotions are only valid til today (6/30). Book a backup reservation (such as Simply Wheelz for the low $300s) and wait to see what deals become available. Szymon
  25. I've stayed here twice and see no reason for the bad reviews. It's very close to Animal Kingdom if you take the back way instead of 192. Szymon
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