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  1. Once you register, you will (usually immediately) be sent an email to validate your acount. CLICK HERE to Register. Simply click on the link in the body of the email and you'll be approved to post and use all the features of the board! *** If you didn't receive an email to validate your account, please check your email BULK FOLDER. If you believe that you did not receive a validation email, or accidentally deleted it, there is a link at the top of the board in the red strip under the blue banner "RESEND VALIDATION".*** If you're having any other problems posting, please post them in this thread by hitting REPLY or sending us an email at admin@betterbidding.com
  2. Are you confused as to why the clock on the board is so far off from your local time? Here's a quick fix that will only take a few clicks: -make sure you are logged in -click your screen name on the bottom row of the blue banner at the top of the page -click MY SETTINGS from the drop down menu -adjust the Time Zone accordingly and click SAVE CHANGES The clock will now be tailored to your time zone.
  3. I have created a new forum for "other countries" in case we left anything else out. I've been meaning to do this, but as there were a few other things i wanted to get straightened out with the board, it slipped my mind this afternoon. Thanks for reminding me! Any other suggestions/comments you might have are encouraged. I'm willing to try anything within my computer abilities that will benefit the goal of the forum.
  4. Of course, it's ok to post, and thanks for suggesting it! I've created a category for you to post in, and thanks for registering and contributing to the board.
  5. If you choose to use Hotwire and at first don't like the offerings or the prices, make a reservation at hotel that is 100% Refundable. This gives peace of mind in knowing that you'll at least have "some place" to stay, and gives you time to be "selective" in choosing a ammenities/price.
  6. Check-In Date: Saturday, November 9, 2002 Check-Out Date: Sunday, November 10, 2002 Hotel Name: Sheraton Bal Harbour 9701 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour, Florida 33154 305-865-7511 Billing Date: October 13, 2002 Your Offer Price: $68.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $68.00 Processing Fee ($5.95 per room): $5.95 Local Taxes and Fees: $6.30 Total Charges: $80.25 This was an overbid as i selected the wrong area when i bid. A proper bid for this zone at this quality level appears to be in the low $50's.
  7. That other site doesn't support Hotwire, and on many message boards i had seen a request for Hotwire information. Since i was setting up this board for Hotwire, i decided to offer Priceline as well. Many people are also turned off by the other message board, the attitude of posters, the anti-Hotwire bias, the difficulty in use, a search engine that is unreliable, etc, etc. Our purpose is NOT to re-invent the wheel, but rather provide a friendly and amicable alternative... i have no problem with people posting on BOTH boards. We hope to grow by providing a community where questions are encouraged and respected. This is only our 2nd day of being "live" and hopefully we will grow... by providing a forum where people feel comfortable posting, searching, discussing, with NO pop-up ads. Like i said in the "why we are here" section of "Our Rules and Policies", this was originally designed to fill the need for a Hotwire board, and it didn't take too much additional effort to add the Priceline component.
  8. ANY TIME YOU SPLIT YOUR BID, YOU ACCEPT THE RISK THAT YOU MAY (likely) HAVE TO SWITCH HOTELS DURING YOUR STAY When bidding on Priceline, it appears that Priceline must have access to inventory for each night at your bid rate or lower, for your bid to be accepted. If you are bidding for 2 nites, and Priceline's rate is $50 for the first night and $100 for the second night... you're bid for $75/night will NOT be accepted. So if there is a big difference in rates during your stay, you MAY want to consider splitting your stay into two different bids. As well, if you are bidding for a longer hotel stay, Priceline must have access to inventory at one hotel for every night ofyour stay in order for you to be successful. The more nights you need, the <slightly> more difficult it becomes. However, by all means try to bid the entire time period at once, and then if rejected, split up the dates if you so desire. ANY TIME YOU SPLIT YOUR BID, YOU ACCEPT THE RISK THAT YOU MAY (likely) HAVE TO SWITCH HOTELS DURING YOUR STAY
  9. There is no pattern to whether you should bid early or wait for the last minute. I recommend bidding whenever you are certain your plans are firm... as once your bid is accepted it's non-refundable. I usually recommend bidding early, so that time is on your side. This gives you a few opportunities to submit a few "low ball" bids and still not panic if they are rejected. As well, inventory changes all the time. I once received a hotel about 8 weeks before the arrival date, and by the time i had arrived the hotel was sold-out during my stay. Of course, my room was prepaid and there was a place for me, but my point is that if i had waited until i was closer to the arrival date i never would have gotten a room at this hotel. No matter what, you should ALWAYS first make a reservation at a hotel that is FULLY refundable. This not only guarantees that you'll have a bed to sleep in, but also gives you a more "level head" when deciding what to bid.
  10. PRICELINE requires that you wait 24 hours before placing the same exact bid, but will allow you to bid again if you change something... dates, zone, minimum star rating. Often our travel dates are firm and can't be changed, which leaves us with changing zones and/or minimum star ratings. If your bid is rejected, you can often add a zone that does NOT offer that star level or higher (ie- add a zone that ONLY offers lower star ratings) and bid once again, raising your bid by a slight amount. An example follows: Assume city XYZ has an uptown and downtown zone. You bid 4* uptown at $50 and are turned down, and are told you can bid again if you change something. IF downtown ONLY offers 3* Hotels and BELOW, you can add the downtown zone (so you are now bidding on downtown AND uptown) and once again bid for 4*. This will allow you to raise your bid and try again, essentially only bidding uptown, since downtown doesn't have any hotels that fit your star level criteria. The way to check what star levels are available in each zone is as follows: 1) Use the PRICELINE search box on the upper right of this page, enter {your city} and your dates, and click "GO". 2) List each zone that is offered in this region. 3) Next to each zone list the highest star rating offered in the zone. The way to determine the highest star rating offered in the zone is by selecting the first zone in the list, then scrolling down to see the highest star rating selectable (ie- not greyed out). NEXT UNcheck the selected zone, place a checkmark in the next zone, and repeat the process for each zone in the region. Each time take note of the highest star rating in the zone, make sure that only ONE zone is selected above. If you're new to the concept of re-bidding you're strongly encouraged to confirm your re-bid zones with the board before proceeding. As well, if you don't follow the instructions above, or would like a suggested bidding strategy for an upcoming stay, feel free to start a NEW TOPIC on the board and we'll try to assist further. We're here to help :) THINGS TO NOTE WHEN USING THIS STRATEGY: -DON"T use our database of previous hotels to determine what zones contain what star ratings, as our list is NOT complete and new hotels are added all the time and star levels can change at any time. -when checking star levels in a given zone, only ONE zone/sub-zone should be selected at a time. -the zone you add (that you really don't want) must NOT have the star level you are bidding OR HIGHER. If you are bidding 3* and add a zone that does not have 3* but does have 4*, Priceline can upgrade you to the 4*! When you selelct a star level, it is the MINIMUM star level that you are willing to accept. -if you don't fully understand how this process works, ask for help to avoid an accepted bid in an area that you don't want EDIT: if you are having trouble understanding this concept, there is a visual explanation that may help about 8-9 posts below this one, just scroll down
  11. Bid this one for my in-laws back in May 2002.... and they're still talking about it!! They had a great stay at the hotel and loved the price, they'd go back here in a minute.
  12. Ahh... remember that bonus money?!? This was bid February 2002 and i recall that $60 was rejected, saw some other bids (for other dates) we accepted at $61 so i re-tried, only raising my bid by $1, and it was accepted.
  13. Bid in mid-April 2002, and based upon taxes $37 would have been the correct bid. This is a bit more than is typically required in this area, as this was a high occupancy weekend with a regional soccer tournament in town. For example, the hotel ultimately sold-out that weekend, and we witnessed somebody checking-in late (10:30pm or so) on a non-priceline reservation that had requested a non-smoking room but was not able to get one as it was the last room available.
  14. Bid in mid-October 2003 so don't recall taxes, but i do recall that i hit this one head on, $27 was the exact price Priceline paid. This hotel worked out great, we were treated well, and for $27 may have been the best Cost/Value Ratio i've experienced at a hotel.
  15. I don't recall the taxes as this was bid in mid-October 2003, but based upon the taxes that Priceline paid, i recall i might have overbid by $3 or so.
  16. Donna, Thanks for the suggestion, i have taken your advice and modified the above post accordingly. In addition to Hotwire, i have decided to include Priceline hotels as well, so have edited to account for that too. Thanks again for the suggestion, it's with user input such as yours that this board will turn into something great! Yes, please post any past bookings, adding whatever info you have available.
  17. This board is a collection of people, just like you and me, that post the hotels they have received on Hotwire or Priceline, so that other consumers can have a better idea of hotels they may get in the future. We will also attempt to answer questions and assist users that are new to Hotwire or Priceline, and therefore not yet comfortable using the service on their own. If you're new to message boards, here is all you need to do to get started: 1) Register by CLICKING HERE (you'll need to reply to the auto generated email to activate your account... don't forget to check your Bulk Folder too, as that's where Yahoo often delivers it if you use Yahoo email) 2) From the main page of the board scroll down to the HOTELS area of Message Board 3) Click on the STATE you would like a hotel in 4) Click on HOTWIRE or PRICELINE to see the corresponding hotels that have been reported 5) Click NEW TOPIC button on the top right of the board if you would like to post a question, need assistance, or post a winning bid We ask that you report your own experiences with HOTWIRE or PRICELINE so that others can benefit just like you have. Although not a requirement for using this site, it is very much appreciated if you use the links on the board (at the top of the page, in my signature, or in the support page) to begin your PRICELINE and HOTWIRE purchases. THANKS!!
  18. When posting a hotel that you received, please try to use the following format: HOTWIRE: Topic Title: Star Rating, City (sub-region if appropriate), Hotel Name Topic Description: Dates of Stay and Price Paid per night Post: list ALL amenities Hotwire represents, date hotel was booked if different than posting date, any other pertinent info You can still view the amenities and details of your previous purchase(s) by going to HOTWIRE and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page. PRICELINE: Topic Title: Star Rating, City (and sub-region if appropriate), Hotel Name Topic Description: Dates of Stay and Price Paid per night Post: bid history (if first bidding attempt was rejected), taxes paid from the Priceline accepted bid page, date hotel was booked if different than posting date, any other pertinent info Of course, while we are building the database, you are encouraged to post prior bookings (don't you wish you had this information when you booked?). If you don't have all the information mentioned above, provide whatever information you do have avialable. The more hotel reports we have, the more beneficial this forum will be for everyone. If you are not registered yet, you can do so by CLICKING HERE Following these guidelines will keep the Message Board uniform and as useful as possible. Although not a requirement for using this site, it is very much appreciated if you use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links at the top of the page to place your bids, purchases, and searches. THANKS!!
  19. The forum is open to anyone that has access to an internet connection, but it IS moderated. This means BE NICE to others, as rude or inappropriate posts (at our discretion) will be removed. Registration is required to post in order to eliminate poor behavior, and we will never sell or disclose your information to a third party (unless required by law... which means you probably did something wrong). Once you register, and email will be sent for you to validate your account (don't forget to check your BULK folder for the email... especially AOL and Yahoo users). This board was started because I thoroughly enjoy: computers, learning new things to do with my computer, and SAVING MONEY! There are other message boards for other services, but in reading many travel related boards I saw many posts of, "does anybody know what Hotwire hotel this could be"? I thought that by maintaining a database of which hotels usually are offered in each city, along with the amenities shown, a user could take an educated guess as to what hotel they may get. For instance, not many hotels in NYC offer indoor swimming pools. If a Hotwire offer shows a NYC hotel that offers a swimming pool, you could then search the database to see what hotels in that area offers a swimming pool. To take this a step further, let's assume that there are 2 hotels in NYC in our database that offer a swimming pool, but only one of them offers a fitness center. You could then look at whether Hotwire's offer with a swimming pool also contains a fitness center, and figure out which of the two hotel is being offered. Of course, Hotwire adds new hotels hotel all the time, so there is no guarantee you will get the hotel you think you will get, but at least there is a process involved in order to take an educated guess. Shortly after we began, there was a request for Priceline information as well, so that was added to the board. We have also added an "Other Deals" category for instances where there is a better deal available than what is typically available thru Priceline or Hotwire ("Buy 2 nites, Get 1 free, coupon codes, etc). Please keep posts on topic, although some off topic discussions is permissable.... visiting the board should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Enjoy your time here, tell your friends, and feel free to post/email any questions or comments you may have. CLICK HERE to register. Although not a requirement for using this site, it is very much appreciated if you use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board (in my signature, the search boxes at the top of the page, or the links in our support page) to begin your travel purchases. THANKS!!
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