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  1. I will add that in the email that Priceline sent, there was a link that you clicked on that took you to a 'special' Hotel Bidding screen. This special screen indicated that they would add $10 to the price you bid. For those of us that weren't going to use it, we put the link in a post here so that others could use it. The link contains a code that makes it unique, and that's how Priceline knows if it's been used already or not (it can only be used for one successful bid... if you place a bid and the bid is rejected, the bonus money will apply for the next bid placed thru that link). Hope that explains it better.
  2. This list is NOT a complete list of all hotels that Priceline offers in this area, it is ONLY a compilation of hotels that have already been reported on this forum. Hotels are added/removed by Priceline all the time, and star ratings can change at ANY time. As well, the geographic boundaries of an area are subject to change, so it is always a good idea to look at the Priceline map before purchasing. DO NOT USE THIS LIST to determine what areas to add when attempting to bid again within the 24 hour window (CLICK HERE for information on how to add cities in order to bid again). In light of the above, you MAY get a hotel that is NOT on this list, or get a hotel on this list but at a star level you didn't expect (if the star rating has changed). Lastly, this board (and its members) are here to assist you, if you have a question or are unsure of something, please ask before purchasing (since Priceline stipulates NO cancellations/refunds)! However, by using this board you agree that you do so at your own risk! (in other words, NO WHINING allowed!!) CLICK FOR: OR Newport (Middletown) 3.5* Newport Beach Hotel and Suites 3* Courtyard Middletown 2* Newport Spa and Whirlpool Suites 2* Travelodge Newport Area/Middletown Newport (Newport - Newport Beach) 3.5* Hotel Viking 3.5* Hyatt Regency REVIEW 3.5* Newport Marriott 3* Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina Newport (South Kingstown) 3* Holiday Inn South Kingstown (preivously 2.5*) Providence (Coventry - West Warwick) 3* Residence Inn Coventry 2.5* Fairfield Inn Wingate Inn 2.5* Springhill Suites (previously 3*) REVIEW 2* Extended StayAmerica Airport-West Warwick Providence (Cranston - Warwick - Providence Airport PVD) 3* Courtyard Warwick Airport 3* Hilton Garden Inn REVIEW 3* NYLO Hotel 3* Radisson Airport 3* Sheraton Inn Providence Airport 2.5* Comfort Inn Airport (previously 2*) REVIEW 2.5* Hampton Inn and Suites 2* Extended StayAmerica 2* Homestead Studio Suites CLICK FOR: OR Providence (Downtown) 4* Hotel Providence 4* Marriott (previously 3.5*) 4* Renaissance REVIEW 4* Westin (now Omni Providence Hotel) REVIEW 3.5* Hilton Holiday Inn REVIEW 3.5* Providence Biltmore (previously 3*) 3* Courtyard 3* Radisson Hotel REVIEW Providence (East Providence - Seekonk) 2.5* Best Western 2.5* Johnson And Wales Inn Providence (Pawtucket) 2.5* Comfort Inn Pawtucket
  3. Blackout dates apply: $25 Off 5-7 day rental
  4. Welcome to the board. If you post the taxes from your Priceline winning bid screen we can figure out exactly what Priceline paid for the room. This might help you, and others, if you bid this zone again in the future. Thanks again for posting!
  5. Welcome to the board and thanks for posting! Can you please clarify if this zone is Midtown East or Upper Eas Side. One you reply, i'll add it to the "master list" of hotels by zone. THANKS!
  6. Priceline: Bidding Hotwire: Tells you price you will pay --> Neither will tell you the hotel until you have already bought it If you haven't yet, read this thread which explains the similarities/differences between each service in a little more detail: MORE INFO Once you decide if you want to pay the price Hotwire is offering OR if you'd rather bid on Priceline, let us know and i'm sure we'll jump in with some advice/help. PS- if you decide to use Hotwire, please write down the amenities offered before you purchase, as this will help users identify the hotel in the future
  7. Given the circumstances it looks like you did great and you researched it well, but more importantly, how's the coffee there? Perhaps you or somebody else that knows the area could assist with this (as i know nothing about the geography there, except i remember the beautiful mountains the one time i was there). There is a "Delta" section of Vancouver, but there also appears to be a Delta hotel chain throughout Canada. I categorized this hotel in "Vancouver", but just want to make sure i got it right. Thanks, and have a safe trip.
  8. 1. You are out of re-bids. 2. It all depends upon your comfort level. Personally, i would sooner book directly with the Wellesley website ($89... yes i'd pay the extra $10 for the right to cancel) IF that rate allows me a full refund if i cancel (website doesn't say, you'll have to call and ask). I would continue to try Priceline up to the point where my back-up reservation is no longer 100% refundable (or any penalty would offset the Priceline savings).
  9. This section of the board is kept in alphabetical order, so please use the standard US state abbreviation code to begin your topics (for non-US states, spell out the island/country and i'll edit the topic accordingly), so that all reviews in a given state will be grouped together. Please check to see if the hotel you are writing a review about already has its own topic. If it does, please add your review by 'REPLYNG' to tht topic, so your review will follow the others of the same hotel. If the hotel you want to review does not have its own topic/review yet, feel free to hit "ADD NEW TOPIC" to add your review to the list (but remember to begin the topic title with the state abbreviation where it is located). As new hotel reviews are added, i will add a clickable link next to the hotel name in the 'master lists' above that show each hotel by city, so that as you're reviewing all the hotels in a given city, you can read a review of each hotel with just one mouse click! Any questions, feel free to ask. Here's a list of the US State abbreviations if you are unsure of the correct code to being a new topic with: ALABAMA AL ALASKA AK ARIZONA AZ ARKANSAS AR CALIFORNIA CA COLORADO CO CONNECTICUT CT DELAWARE DE FLORIDA FL GEORGIA GA HAWAII HI IDAHO ID ILLINOIS IL INDIANA IN IOWA IA KANSAS KS KENTUCKY KY LOUISIANA LA MAINE ME MARYLAND MD MASSACHUSETTS MA MICHIGAN MI MINNESOTA MN MISSISSIPPI MS MISSOURI MO MONTANA MT NEBRASKA NE NEVADA NV NEW HAMPSHIRE NH NEW JERSEY NJ NEW MEXICO NM NEW YORK NY NORTH CAROLINA NC NORTH DAKOTA ND OHIO OH OKLAHOMA OK OREGON OR PENNSYLVANIA PA RHODE ISLAND RI SOUTH CAROLINA SC SOUTH DAKOTA SD TENNESSEE TN TEXAS TX UTAH UT VERMONT VT VIRGINIA VA WASHINGON (DC) DC WASHINGTON (state) WA WEST VIRGINIA WV WISCONSIN WI WYOMING WY
  10. KenC4x4, The two 3* hotels we have seen come up in the Downtown area are The Embassy Suites and the Marriott. The Embassy Suites, for this time of year, usually requires a $75 bid via Priceline ($57 is often a winning bid as well, but NOT during high season, which this is). We've seen an instance where the Marriott was rejected at $78 (although one wouldn't know if there was something 'special' in town, like a convention, that would inflate prices). Given the above, i would think that you would need to bid at least $75 to have a chance at a 3* property, and that's where i would place my first bid. Only you can decide if you want to spend this much or would rather go with the Wellesley Suites thru conventional means. I will add however, that the Embassy Suites gets GREAT reviews, and based upon a post here allows free parking during your cruise but charges ($10/nite) the nite you actually stay in the hotel. If this is important to you, you can call the hotel before to confirm before you bid. You state that the Amerisuites is sold out, so i don't think that you will have success getting this 2.5* property via Priceline (but probably NOT a good idea to use as a re-bid area, as it could result in a big overbid if Priceline has inventory for some reason). I did a quick search on Expedia and saw the Wellesley for about $79 as an "Expedia Special Rate" but this should NOT be used as a back-up as this rate comes with a cancellation fee. I don't know if this is where you were thinking of booking a back-up, but make sure your back up is 100% refundable. A little long winded, but the bottom line is that i think you will be successful if you bid $75 for 3* Downtown. There's even a reported "win" at the Embassy Suites which covers the date you are looking for: REPORTED WIN (ignore the fact that the 'win' is in British pounds... it's equivalent to $75 US) Feel free to ask any questions regarding the above and keep us updated on your progress.
  11. Not only condensed, but now moved! We have removed the Hotel Reviews within each state and placed a new category at the bottom of the board for Hotel Reviews. Please post any hotel reviews in this section, but PLEASE try to begin each new topic with the state abbreviation of the hotel's location. This will keep the posts in alphabetical order (unlike the rest of the board which has the newest post at the top of the thread, this thread will be alphabetized) and therefore make reviews easier to find. As well, in the "Master List" (the list within each state that shows the hotels by city), there will be a link "REVIEW" next to each hotel that has already been reviewed. Clicking this link will take you directly to the review of that hotel. Whether or not it opens a new browser or gives you the review in the existing window depends upon your browser settings. If you'd like to chagne yours send me a PM and i'll walk you through it. If you want to review a hotel that is already listed, please reply to that thread so that your review will follow the previous poster's comments. If your hotel is not yet listed, feel free to start a new topic. If anyone has any questions or problems, feel free to post to this thread, or send me a private message or email.
  12. Congratulations, pretty soon you'll be giving out advice along with the rest of us. Actually, you may never book a hotel thru conventional methods again! Taxes at this hotel are 11.416% (taken directly from Marriott's website) Taxes Paid / Tax Rate = Priceline's Cost $6.74 / .11416 = $59 So you think you did 'ok'? I'd say you did EXCELLENT.... and less than 1/2 the cost of the best rate you found. Enjoy your trip.
  13. The star ratings between agencies are frequently different, and should probably be ignored as a criteria for comparision (ie- use the amenities to gain insight as to which hotels are being offered, NOT the star rating... but i like the way you're thinking!!). However, as BurBunny suggests, using a search on Expedia for 3* and above should be sufficient for including the Hotwire 4.5* hotel you are trying to guess. I've heard stories of the star ratings being different by as much as 1.5 stars, although that is in extreme cases and it's usually not more than a 1 star difference.
  14. Unfortunately, there isn't any history for Hotwire in Hawii (yet). The way you would check is by going to Hawaii>> Priceline/Hotwire Hotel List and Tips. If there were already results for Hotwire in Hawaii, there would be a 'pinned' topic at the top, entitled "Hotwire Hotel Lists and Tips". Although not confirmed by an actual purchase, one of our members believes they have identified a Hotwire hotel given the description (because it's not confirmed, i haven't added it a "Master List" in a 'Hotwire Hotel List and Tips'). You can read what this user thinks by looking at the topic: 'Kauai-Wiamea Plantation Gardens' in the Hotwire/Priceline Hotel List and Tips. Hope you followed all of this (i'm not sure i did and i actually wrote it!). If you didn't, just reply to this post and i'll explain further and give direct links.
  15. By the way, i'm pretty familiar with this area and the hotel is nice. Have fun at the show (i've seen him 10+ times).
  16. Looks like somebody needs some dental work :) As always, thanks for posting.
  17. All of the links have now expired. For the next promotion/bonus money offer, we'll start a new topic in this same area so that users don't need to scroll thru all of the above to get to it. I would like to thank everyone for their generosity in posting links they weren't going to use. We're buidling a nice community here, and it makes me feel good to see the goal of the board coming to fruition... "users helping users."
  18. Bid for 4* and Resort at $65 + $10 Bonus and was rejected. Looks like inventory isn't available yet in San Juan for this far into the future, as $75 is often an accepted bid, and i can't imagine it being high season in the middle of the summer. Just need one nite for a pre-cruise stay.
  19. Hey, VERY cool story about you living in hotels. I recall my first hotel stay as a little kid (at Disneyworld) and i thought it was exciting being someplace other than home. Back then i thought, "why don't we stay here all the time", well you my friend are making that a reality! Way to be your own person!
  20. Unfortunately i'm not a programmer (ok, i take that back, fortunately i'm not a programmer :) ). If i recall correctly i resized the "send this page to a friend" frequently, and one of the problems i was having was getting the text next to the graphic to be legible, as i couldn't figure out how to get the text on 3 lines as it appears now. I resorted to adding the text to the picutre, so the text is actual part of the picture now, which lessens the quality somewhat and therefore requires a slightly larger size than is necessary. I'm sure it can be done so that the text appears on 3 lines as actual text, in which case i could make the picture a little smaller. I'll put this on the list of things to do. The way the board is set up i don't think it's possible to only have the "we have a new name...." to appear only on the home page. Anything that goes in that white space will end up on every page. I'm not to worried about this aspect so much because this text WILL eventually be taken off the board, so in the long term it's not an issue, although i will look into the spacing issue of it which might help. Now that i'm thinking about the code and your comments, i'm going to go back and see if i can get the "send this page to a friend" to appear on the right margin but on the same horizontal level as the "we have a new name". If i can do that, then i think it will solve most of the cosmetic issues we're talking about and will move the "board" up about an inch, or whatever the height is of the "send this page". I do appreciate your suggestions. If you look through all the topics in this section, you will see that most of the suggestions that have been made are now incorporated into the board. I want this board to be a place where people can come to get the information they're looking for as well as have "fun" doing it. Part of that requires that the user like the format and not be "inconvenienced", and the only way that i will know what members like/don't like is thru feedback such as this... so 'thank you'.
  21. I will add to BurBunny's comments that "inventory and pricing changes all the time". Just because a hotel is shown at $331/nite today does NOT mean that it will be that rate tomorrow. Book a cancelllable back up where there is no penalty, then keep trying Hotwire to see if the rate has come down. If it stays at $331 as your date gets closer, then you can decide to keep your back-up, go for a different star level via Hotwire, or see what you can end up with using Priceline. Don't get discouraged and keep us up to date.
  22. I'll research if the spacing can be changed, and if so, how to do it. The announcement of a new name will eventually be taken away, but we still have a lot of visitors coming from our old URL (the board is actually only 1 month old today, with the current URL being only 2 weeks old). The send this link to a friend page will likely remain as it makes for an easy way to have our members spread the word about the site, as they can send our link to up to 10 people at once.
  23. Just to confirm.... i didn't see a "downtown" area. Is this simpy refered to as "Harrisburg" by Priceline? Thanks.
  24. Ken, give this a read: How Priceline and Hotwire Work: Similarities and Differences Short Version: With Priceline you are able to pick the area you