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  1. Vel, When you select a star level, Priceline searches for that level or higher, so when you searched for 2.5*, Priceline also searched for 3*, 4*, and 5* hotels (if available in that area). So when you tried to bid again and changed the star level to 3*, Priceline is telling you that you already tried that (when you searched for 2.5*). So when you change the star level, you must select a lower star rating. Assuming you have time before your stay, i would NOT lower the quality level at this time. Unless you are willing to accept another area, i think you will have to wait 72 hours. Before bidding again, post back with what you're looking for and you dates, and i'll put together a bidding gameplan for you and walk you thru it. If you haven't done so already, you may want to read this which explains re-bids: Re-Bid Process
  2. HereIAm :) I think what you're saying is: If you're trying for 4 star hotels and have 3 zones selected (one that you want, the other 2 being re-bid zones) and are rejected, and then lower your quality level, all 3 zones are automatically selected. In a case such as this, "YES", it pays to start an entirely new bid so that you still have the other <potential> re-bid zones available. Are we saying the same thing? If so, thanks for spelling it out for us.
  3. The information below is my own impression of each zone (as defined by Priceline). For the most part, location isn
  4. No definitive answers, but very interesting stuff! Based upon the link i posted above i thought that there was a chance that they might be discriminating against longer stays, but then there was another post where the requirements were as follows (the days of the week are wrong, but serve for the example): Room #1 Monday - Wednesday Room #2 Monday - Friday and sure enough the Monday-Friday stay was accepted, but the Monday-Wednesday stay was rejected (at the same price) I'll say it again... interesting stuff!
  5. Thanks for giving us an update, i think this will affect a lot of this board's users.
  6. Gotcha now! For anyone following along and a little confused, see the link at the bottom of my post above. But now that i think about it, didn't you get one room for $42/Sat and $40/Sun-Thur? If that's the case, why was your $43 bid for Sat-Thur rejected? Is this another instance, LIKE THIS ONE, where a bid for multiple days was rejected, even though the bid ($43) was enough to cover Priceline's cost for each night? (or have i just been in front of the computer too long today)
  7. Are you saying that you bid for Saturday only at $40<rejected>, $42<rejected>, and then accepted at $46 for one room? Then bid for a second room, Saturday only at $42 and accepted? If i understand you correctly and the above is accurate, it is perplexing! Priceline does have different rates for different days, but my understanding of your scenario is that you were rejected at $42 for Saturday (and re-bid at $46 which was accepted), and then accepted the second room at $42 for Saturday. Why did you decide to bid each room separately (i understanding splitting the stay into 2 separate stays, but why did you bid one room at a time for Saturday)? Just to continue the discussion, if bidding multiple days like this, Priceline must have availability for each day at your bid price, NOT at your average bid price. An example of this is discusses here: Further Discussion (see $50/$100 example)
  8. I'm sure your charming personality doesn't hurt matters any! :) Thanks for the detailed info, i'm sure others looking at the area will benefit from it. You probably know this, but i'll add it for others that may be reading... Some zones don't allow same day bidding. I'd assume that North Syracuse is one of these zones, and this is the reason why the box was 'grayed out' and wouldn't let you select it. I don't think it had anything to do with availability, it's because Priceline doesn't allow same day bidding in that zone.
  9. Our primary concern has always been, and always will be, that users get the best deal possible. While we would like everyone to support this site by using our links at the top of the page, i wouldn't expect them to do so if they could get a better deal elsewhere. In this instance, UK residents (sorry US residents, we've tried it already and it won't work) are able to get a better deal by 'clicking thru' elsewhere, and i am glad to keep the link up for them to do so. For me to act otherwise, as some other sites do, would be hypocritical. I still hope though that UK residents return here to place their winning bids after using the link provided. For UK users, i will thank you in advance for posting the link.
  10. Great. Glad to hear we were able to help! Welcome to the board, and thanks for taking the time to post your results.
  11. Probably not an overbid anyway since $84 would be below Priceline's cost and likley rejected (or maybe they just get a better conversion rate) :) Nice bidding and way to hit it on the mark! Thanks for posting and enjoy the party!!
  12. ... and we're equally as glad to have you hear :) That's a FANTASTIC deal you got (better than 1/2 price!!) Thank you for remembering to write down the amenities before your purchase. I'm glad this worked out so well for you and hope you enjoy your trip (although i'm sure it can't get here soon enough!) It looks like you were likely able to "figure this one out" from the other post listed in the Downtown area!(same stars level and amenities) Through posts such as yours, i'm sure the Hotwire data will continue to grow! If you know any other Hotwire users, feel free to make them aware of this site so that the database will continue to grow as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your post, the time you took to report your results is appreciated.
  13. I have not personally stayed at either, but the reviews that i have read on both hotels have been great. From what i have heard, you can't go wrong with either, people REALLY seem to like both of them.
  14. Phaelon, Thanks for the post. Do you recall if this was in: (Alexandria - Mt. Vernon) OR (Alexandria - Pentagon) OR (Springfield - Alexandria) Just want to get it right for the "Hotel List by City" Thanks again. EDIT: This hotel is in (Springfield - Alexandria) (Alexandria - Mt. Vernon)
  15. It may take $83 to be successful for this bid (this is just a GUESS), as there is a reported win the day before your date that required an $83 bid (which resulted in the Embassy Suites). I will also add that it's a bad idea to assume, as i just did, that hotel rates are the same from one day to the next, but i add this only because a $75 bid has already been rejected. The only other 3 star hotel that we've seen come up in this area is the Marriott Marina, which is what you already have booked as a back-up at $99, so even an $83 'win' plus Priceline's fee would get you in for a few dollars cheaper if successful. If you choose to try an $83 bid, i would suggest a lower bid first ($75?) and then use the $83 for the re-bid. Of course, you'd have to be just as happy (or more) with the Embassy Suites as you are with the Marriott Marina for this to be worthwhile. As well, usual disclaimers apply... new hotels can be added at any time, star ratings can change, etc, etc, etc. I'm not suggesting that you should bid up to $83 as this is only a decision that you can make, but i just wanted to give you some additional information of a bid that i had seen for the day before yours. Thanks for the comment regarding the message board <it's appreciated :) >, it's been a pleasure putting it together and i think the community that is building here is great!
  16. Not at all!! This website if for users to help other users, and you are providing valuable information <thanks for posting it>. I was even going to suggest that you put some of this bus info in the "California Tips" section (like a new thread in the same area where the SFO Parking info is) as it may help somebody else down the road. Please feel free to do so if this is a viable bus route that many would take if "they only knew about it."
  17. I think if you want to bid lower than their counter offer, you need to start the bid over again from scratch and use a re-bid zone. If i recall, you don't have any rebids in this area, so if $75 is acceptable to you i would by all means try it again in 72 hours. However, just a reminder to NOT get wrapped up in the bidding process... you always have the LAX zone as a back-up if you need it. :)
  18. You'll be just fine, if necessary (and you have AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo Instant Messenger) i'll even walk you thru the whole process, "talking" to you via the Instant Message while you fill in the information on your own computer. This way you'll also be able to ask me questions as we move along. Most people choose the Downtown area for pre-cruise stays as it's closest to the port (the airport is another option if you're flying it). You can see what others have received in each zone by CLICKING HERE. Scroll down to MIAMI (Downtown) and you'll see the hotels that we have a record of being won. All of the hotels in the downtown zone have generally received very good reviews (that i'm aware of). I personally stayed at the Downtown Hyatt and called it the best "bang for the buck" hotel room i've ever stayed at. For the 2nd half stay, i think you need to decide if you want to stay in the downtown area or one of the other areas of Miami. What is it that you would like to be doing for the day/nite before you head home? The downtown area, allthough convenient to the port, isn't really a "toursity" area. Your son may be a little young for South Beach (maybe not?), but maybe Miami Beach would be a good suggestion? I can't say as i don't know what you're interested in doing. Here are the sub-zones of Miami though, in case there's something that may strike your fancy: Coconut Grove Coral Gables Dadeland Key Biscayne Miami Airport (MIA) Miami Beach Miami Downtown Miami Lakes North Miami North Miami Beach South Beach Southwest Miami If you decide you'd like to bid, let me know and i'll work out a time to go walk you thru it. Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to ask as you have to be comfortable before you move forward. I would recommend at least trying the first nite via Priceline, and then you can think about the experience and if you'd like to try the second nite. Based upon the history that we have, i would think you'll be able to get a room in the Downtown area for less than $50/nite (which normally goes for close to $100 thru traditional means). This doesn't mean that you should go out now and bid $50, let me know if/when you are ready, and i'll put together a bidding gameplan for you.
  19. Also must of been much easier/nicer with the new Priceline interface where you know your acceptance in less than 2 minutes, rather than the old "we'll email you within 15 minutes". Nice to see it work out, and as always, thanks for taking the time to post.
  20. Glad this worked out for you! Just another example of how inventory can change at any time and how persistence can pay off. So is this hotel in the East or West sub-zone? Thanks for posting! <and welcome to the board>
  21. The above parking info has been reported to CHANGE FREQUENTLY. If parking is going to affect your bidding strategy, please call each hotel before using Priceline/Hotwire.
  22. FANTASTIC! I always wondered how Priceline would work out in a situation of a cancelled/bumped flight, but also wondered how i'd find internet access in such a situation. Did you have a laptop with you, and if so, how did you connect to the internet? Thanks for the info.
  23. Welcome to the Board, we're glad we're here to help! If you could also post the dates of your stay and the taxes paid by Priceline it would be appreciated. Some users might want to know availability for your dates if they're looking for a hotel on the same day. Posting the taxes can indicate the minimum bid that would be accepted (discussed in detail here: Why Post Taxes?). THANKS!
  24. As an add on.... I also think that one would be most successful getting room preferences when checking in between noon-3pm (after stated check-out time and before stated check-in time) as this is likely when the hotel has the most unassigned rooms. Obviously least successful when checking in late in the evening and the hotel is near capacity.
  25. After you find out the hotel you've been awarded, call the hotel and put in the request. This request should be taken just as if it were made any other way. Although you may not have had any problems in the past, you're request of adjoining room is just that, a request. Ultimately, it all depends upon availability at check-in, how many rooms the hotel has with adjoining rooms, the mood of the check-in clerk, etc. I don't have any first hand experience asking for adjoining rooms, but perhaps somebody that has will jump in with their experiences with how successful (or not) they have been.