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  1. Las Vegas is one place where i don't recommend using priceline since the zone "Strip Area" included hotels that are NOT on the strip. As well, there are often some great deals available directly thru the hotels and non-opaque consolidators. I would not use Priceline in this area unless: 1) I'm trying for the 5* Venetian (as of this writing, the Venetian is the only 5* hotel we've seen awarded thru Priceline, and i don't know of any non-strip hotels that could also be rated 5* (except Bellagio, which i'd also be happy getting)... still a slight risk in doing so, but a risk i'm willing to accept) OR 2) I'll be content staying at a property off the main part of the strip (not usually the case for my Las Vegas trips) 3) There were no other deals available
  2. Good point!! Also, if bidding inside of 72 24 2 hours and only have one or no re-bids available, it may be better to just take the counter-offer rather than risk cutting it in half and getting nothing. For instance, let's say only one re-bid left, your $60 bid is rejected and Price.line counters with $70. You then use your re-bid zone at $65 and are once again rejected (because the "right" price was $67, for example)... now you have no options left, don't have the 72 hours required to bid again, and are left with paying full price for the room... all because of a concern of over-bidding by just a few dollars ($3 in this example). Of course, the above only holds true when bidding inside of the 72 hour window... if i have time on my side, i always reject the counter offers.
  3. Yes, if you'd like to read more about this you can take a look at this link: Priceline Suggests Price to Pay (taken from the General Priceline Tips in the "Tips and Tricks" section of this board)
  4. Swag, Did Priceline recently reconfigure the FQ and CCGD zones? I know Canal St. borders each zone, but the post below yours indicates that the DoubleTree used to be in the FQ, but your win indicates it's now in the CCGD. Or are there 2 DoubleTree hotels in this area and i'm confusing the 2 of them. Lastly, i don't know New Orleans too well but am familiar somewhat with it... is there a reason why you don't bid the CBD, seems like if you're interested in the FQ then the CBD would be a good zone to add when re-bidding (although not a free re-bid). Just thought maybe there is a hotel in that area that is misrated and you are trying to avoid. Thanks in advance for insight as to the above.
  5. I think you did just fine, sometimes hard to re-bid if it's the same day and getting close to the bidding deadline for the day. Better you overpay by $6 than not get a room for the night! Good evidence though how the "counter-offers" by Priceline can almost always be undercut. As always, thanks for posting.
  6. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thank you for taking the time to post your results and comments about your hotel stay.
  7. You're soon going to be able to write a guide book about the Naperville/Lisle area with the multitude of hotels you've been receiving.
  8. Congratulations on your first Priceline "win". I know you were on top of this for awhile and glad to hear that you are happy with your ultimate result. Have a great stay and an even better cruise!
  9. Thanks for your detailed post... and it is an prime example of how sometimes it pays to be creative and mix/match products! I'm told the tax rate in this area is 12.5%
  10. The better rates are usually (not always) found with Priceline. You didn't mention your dates, so the info supplied is with the belief that your reservation is not more than 6 months out and that there is no unusual room demand for the nite of your stay. I assume you want the Tampa Downtown zone, which if bidding for 3* or higher, has lots of re-bid zones. I would try using Priceline, 3* Tampa Downtown: Bid $37, if rejected add re-bid zone and bid $40, if rejected add re-bid zone and bid $42, if rejected add re-bid zone and bid $45 Make sure you have an understanding of re-bids by READING THIS. If you still have questions regarding re-bids or have a question about anything discussed here, feel free to ask. Let us know how it goes.
  11. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thanks for you posting your winning bids, i've posted both hotels to the 'master list by city'. Enjoy your hotel stay.
  12. Welcome to BetterBidding, we'll provide all the help you need and answer whatever questions you may have. If you haven't read this explanation of re-bidding already, check it out: Bidding Again before 72 hours . This is one of the best "tricks" of Priceline. By adding certain zones, you can bid again but ensure that you won't get that zone (because they don't offer any hotels at the star rating (or higher) that you are requesting). If you have questions after reading the above, feel free to ask. As i write this, there are 2 re-bid zones available when bidding Downtown Miami. This is another good read Should i Bid Early or Close to Arrival Date . I would definately try bidding your November stay now, but don't obsess about it daily at this point (or you'll likely get frustrated quickly). If you only want the Hyatt, i would try for 3* and bid $27 and use one re-bid at $30. If you're also willing to accept the Shearton, i would try for 3* and bid at $27, first re-bid at $34, second re-bid at $40. (disclaimer: a new hotel could always be added or a zone will change and you'll get something not mentioned above) Of course, before doing either of the above, make sure you have an understanding of re-bids (feel free to email me with what you think are your re-bidding zones to confirm them) and of course, post any add'l questions you may have.
  13. It sure does help!! Welcome to BetterBidding and thank you for posting your results (and for supplying the amenities too!). You contributions in helping to build the database are appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you around the board in the future.
  14. As always, thanks for the post... of course we like them all, but you know how much we LOVE the exclusives!! :)
  15. JMG, thanks for posting this information!! Bill, i don't know anything about the hotel, but the Comfort Inn Airport/Crusie Port seems available thru QuickBook for $69/nite (and it says includes breakfast, including made to order omelet station) as well as transportation from the airport and to the pier. You can book/reserve the same hotel above directly at their website for $90/nite, and it appears (as in, double check it yourself) that they have a 24 hour cancellation policy (i know QuickBook does charge a cancellation fee, but i don't recall how much it is), so that might at least be a potential back-up for you.
  16. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thank you for posting your winning bid information and contributing to the databasae of hotels. Have a great stay!
  17. You're not doing anything wrong, but i would suspect that it's your dates that are the problem. Priceline and Hotwire typically get inventory that the hotels don't expect to sell through conventional means, so if the AmeriSuites and/or Embassy Suites are sold out (ie- no availability) then there is nothing offered to Priceline or Hotwire to sell for those dates. I would guess that something is happening in town that nite, or there are an abundance of cruise ships in port the following day. Do you have a cancellable back-up booked? (if so, at where and at what price) Also, this is peak season for this zone, and the Embassy Suites often goes for $75-$83 thru Priceline (as seen Example 1 Example 2), although i don't necessarily think that is the problem since the ES shows no availability. I only point it out that you're not likely to get the rate in the $50's that others have posted as those rates are not typically seen at this time of year. I don't know if you'd want to consider an $80 bid for 4* at Ft. Lauderdale Beach, as the user in THIS POST had success with.
  18. For THEATER ATTENDEES ONLY: $10 Flat Fee for Up To 10 hours parking Click the above link for a list of participating garages, but here at the terms and conditions taken from the above page (note: same day ticket stub and coupon must be given to receive the special rate): Offer valid Monday through Friday after 5pm, and anytime on Saturdays or Sundays. Offer valid January 1 to May 31, 2003. Must turn in coupon and ticket stub for same day performances to receive special $10 rate. Offer subject to change. Rates are subject to and based on availability.
  19. That's GREAT!! I know how good it feels to be "done" with it all :) Just another example of how inventory can change at any time and sometimes it just requires a little patience and persistence. Welcome to BetterBidding and thank you for taking the time to post your winning bids, your input at the board is very much appreciated. Enjoy your hotel stays.
  20. If i remember correctly, the Hyatt was the hotel she stayed at last time, thru conventional means, no?
  21. Hey... a 2nd timer!! Just getting away locally for the nite again? Looks like you've found a way to make hotel rooms affordable that this can become a habit. Also nice to see you get a different hotel this time, so you can compare the two. Maybe a review of both when you return? Thanks again for posting your results.
  22. At the bottom of each thread, there is an option to subscribe to the thread or the forum. By clicking either of these, you'll be notified by email whenever there is a reply to a topic you're interested in OR if a new topic has bee posted to the thread. This comes in especially handy when you post a question, as subscribing to it will automatically send you an email whenever there is a reply to your question. You can unsubscribe to a thread or topic at any time by using the "unsubscribe" feature in the MY CONTROLS area.
  23. Well, from the AmeriSuites website the rate for your successful bid date is $165, while Labor Day weekend is $229 ($119 for AAA discount). I would continue to monitor their website for any reductions in the above rates, and book a cancellable back-up in the meantime. I also checked Hotwire for each of your dates individually (and for 2 consecutive nites), and all showed no availability. Remember, Priceline and Hotwire each get excess inventory, and at this early stage of the game, the hotels can only guess what the demand will actually be like. Based upon the rates they're quoting above, they're probably expecting to sell out, but IF they have rooms available as the date draws closer i think you'll see the rates drop at which point you'll have a better chance of success with Priceline/Hotwire. Since their website's rate is about 30% more than the rate during your June stay, you could consider increasing your $33 bid by 30%, although i don't know if that is such a good idea and if you'd be anymore successful by doing so. Assuming your math skills didn't get any better in the last 24 hours, that's $44 to you and me :). I think the best advice is to just book a cancellable back-up, be patient, and continue to monitor the rates from the AmeriSuites website.
  24. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thank your for taking the time to post your winning bids, it's only thru contributions such as your that this board is able to grow and flourish as it has been! FYI, in case you hadn't noticed (and for anyone else reading) there is a HOTEL REVIEWS section at the bottom of the main page. Thanks again for posting, and we look forward to seeing you around the board in the future.
  25. GLAD it worked out for you!!! Thanks for your support and letting us know about your success, both are very much appreciated. Welcome to Betterbidding, and have a great cruise!
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