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  1. Welcome to BetterBidding! Thanks for posting, now i can change the Hotel List to "Confirmed". Glad it worked out for you and enjoy your trip.
  2. I've never done this route, but have read a lot about it on the web. Door-to-door via taxi/car service is probably fastest, but will likely cost approximately $150! I believe there are two common alternatives: 1) Hampton Jitney runs a service from a stop near the airport to a few stops in Manhattan. You need to take a taxi to the Jitney stop (i hear it's about $5) and then get on the Jitney to NYC ($25 one way, slight discounts available for roundrip and/or senior discounts). The Hampton Jitney can supply you with the exact details (including how to get from airport to Jitney location) and location stops: Reservations are a must. (631)283-4600 2) Taxi/Car Service/Bus to the Ronkonkoma train staion via the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) which will take you to Penn Station in NYC (33rd St and 7th Ave). Not sure how much the fare to the train station to the airport will be, but the train is about $6.50 off-peak (and proably ~$10/peak). Ronkonkoma to NYC is about 90 minutes, some trains are direct, some require a transfer, so check what works best with your schedule. MacArthur Airport Transportation Page Ronkonkoma Train Schedule into NYC (from LIRR) LIRR Homepage Hampton Jitney (follow links and select Islip Airport Connection when prompted "What location would you like to depart from") Few points i've picked up along the way: -traffic can be unbearable at all times, but especially at rush hour -LIRR is a commuter railroad and not designed for very large suitcases, so may be difficult during peak travel times -train service is reliable, but not extremely frequent, so if possible try to coordinate your flight times with train departure (taking into account luggage pick-up and travel time to Ronkonkoma train station) Given all the above choices, i would tend to favor the train, assuming i wasn't traveling with any extremely large, heavy, and/or oversized suitcases. The websites above are great resources, i'd certainly check them out and make phone calls. Any add'l questions (or if you learn something that should be added to the above info) please post. Welcome to NYC! (a little premature)
  3. Text links for Car Rentals and Airfare have now been added under the hotel banner at SavingsBarn.com! I think this is a good solution, but am open to hearing feedback/comments if people think it now looks "cluttered" or makes things look complicated. Of course, we still welcome other suggestions if anyone has anything they think will work better. I will pass along any comments. PS- Scorp, what do you think, since i know you use these products?
  4. Thanks for reporting back to us. Glad to hear that this is NOT a system glitch that we need to worry about <for now>.
  5. I've never seen this but it's certainly a little scary. I would hope that Priceline would be able to back track and confirm that this zone was actually NOT selected, rather than give their canned response "you agreed to accept a hotel anywhere in the zone." If you have the time, i would send them a quick email explaining the problem (just copy most of your text here if to make it easy) and ask them to look into your "footprints" on their site to confirm that you did indeed NOT select this zone. Ask them how they would have handled the situation had your bid been accepted.
  6. Phaelon, As always, thanks for posting. Do the amenities below look correct? In duplicating the above reservation: Amenities: Pool, Fitness Center, Complimentary Breakfast, Kitchenette, Hi-Speed Internet, Business Center, Laundry Facilities Interesting how there is no "suite" icon for this property!
  7. No harm in trying Priceline for NYC up to the time that your parent's back-up reservation is cacellable... i've seen Priceline have no availability one day and then have availability the next. Have you considered Hotwire for this NYC stay? I don't know how high you're bidding or what the cost of your back-up is, but i ran the "mid-town" and "Times Square" areas for your dates and saw 3*-4.5* hotels for $113+. Compare the amenities offered to those show here: NYC Hotwire Hotel List. Keep in mind that there a multiple hotels in NYC whose amenities shown are: Restaurant, Fitness, Business, so matching those three is by no means a "sure thing." I've heard negative things about the Pennsylvania, so be careful of that one. Regarding your New Orleans stay, i would post at the Louisiana section, as board member 'Swag' is VERY knowlegable about the area and Priceline hotels and rates.
  8. Scorp, SB's Car Rental page may help you do research as everything is in one place: SavingsBarn.com/carrental/ As i don't routinely use Priceline for Car Rental, where would be the easiest place for you to access a link to it? BTW, you could also use the PRICELINE link on the Car Rental page above, if that helps.
  9. THANKS!! You're proving my point that people don't need to be harassed :)
  10. I would suspect diffiuclty due to graduation time... probably NYU, Columbia, Baruch, etc all around the same time. How do the hotel's rates (thru Expedia, Orbitz, hotel website) compare to "typical"? I haven't checked the Vacation product too much, so i don't know what availability is typically like. I do know that not all hotels that participate in Priceline also participate in the Package product.
  11. Another way to get to a product other than Hotels is to leave everything blank and click the "Start Savings" button. You'll then be taken to a Priceline Hotel screen in which you can click on the top and select any product you'd like.
  12. I think most of use still have a slight bundle of nerves before each of our bids (at least i do). Regarding the 2.5* with the RED Suite icon... did you compare the other amenities, is it also listed as a "Customer Favorite"? If everything matches up, then i think you can be reasonably sure, but of course, there are NO GUARANTEES. When buying any "opaque" product, the best you can do is weigh the odds in your favor, and most of us here believe the benefits far outweigh the risks. (end of my disclaimer :) ) The reality is that we never know the hotels until they're received, but it sounds like all your i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Is this for a pre-cruise stay? If so, it's probably only for one nite and is a great time to try Hotwire/Priceline... how bad can it be for one nite, and the odds favor that the property is most likely the one that you think? If you have any question that we can answer to help you feel more comfortable, feel free to ask. Of course, if you decide to move forward, let us know how it works out!
  13. The banner on their page is just for hotels, but if there is a demand for airfare and/or car rental (or other products)i will ask them to add that to the main page. I do know that if you navigate on the left hand side at SavingsBarn and click AIRFARE, you will get a listing of all airline companies as well as on-line agencies (which includes Priceline), and there you will also find the $10 Priceline Coupon for airfare. The same can be done by navigating to the Car Rentals section. Of course, we'd like to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved to place their bids (no matter what product they're interested in), so if you have a need for the other proucts and the existing format involves too many clicks for user's tastes, i'll try to suggest another plan. Of course i'll have to think of a plan first, so any suggestions/feedback are welcomed. :)
  14. We discovered that you knew more than you lead us to believe!!
  15. No problem what-so-ever. I just figured that if you take the time to write it, you'd want the most number of people to read it.
  16. Posting past results is great as it helps add to the database of possible hotels. FYI, if you want to write a review of your stays as well, there is a "Hotel Review" section for this near the bottom of the main page on the board... this is where it would be most helpful to the most number of users as this is the first place most will look. We're just full of surprises here!
  17. Beating people over the head like that isn't my style, as it's not fun for me, and certainly not enjoyable for those that have to read it all the time. I try to keep the board "clean" in appearance, and was even concerned about the SavingsBarn icon being too large and taking up too much room at the top of the board. I think it looks good now and isn't too obtrusive, and i'm concerned that adding a message near the top will take up add'l room and be aesthetically unpleasing. When i have some time i'll try adding some text "Please Use These Links" or something like that and see how it looks. Thanks for your suggestions. If anybody else has any ideas along these lines, please post them in this thread: SavingsBarn link for your Priceline Bids
  18. Since it's a cheaper phone call for me to make than you :) , i just called two 4* hotels in NYC as a "test" (one which is notorious for having small rooms). While there are no guarantess, both of the properties i called do indeed offer cribs. One of the clerks hung up before i could ask if there was an add'l charge, but the other said it was complimentary. I also asked her if most hotels offer this, and she seemed to think that most "upscale" hotels do, but that lower end hotels might not. No matter how you book, after you know the hotel i would call them directly and/or send an email and ask for a reply to ensure that they received it, and put in your request for a crib. If you are then told that no cribs are offered, you can then plan accordingly to pack one of those portable ones or buy something once in NYC that will suffice (i'm assuming they're not too expensive, but really don't know).
  19. Who is better than you? :) Thanks for the support!
  20. Please use the SavingsBarn.com link at the top of the board to place your Priceline bids (it's not a requirement for using this board, but it's very much appreciated if you do so). When you're finished here, check out their website, which consolidates information by category so it's easy to research your vacation plans and jump from website to website. They also have direct links to deals offered by various services, and deals for some retailers as well. If you have any problems with the link on this site or placing your bid, please feel free to contact me thru the link on this website OR email them thru the link on theirs. Thank you all for your support.
  21. Yeah, but i already told you to ignore me today so i figured i'd answer tomorrow :) The only explanation that i've seen or heard is that it's random. As so much of their "black box" is proprietary, i don't know if we'll ever figure that one out. I would suspect that there could be a slight over weighting towards Priceline counter offering when the winning hotel will be one of their prefered partners, but i have no evidence of this.
  22. Welcome to BetterBidding! EXCELLENT posting format!! Thanks for being a model to others <and for your informative post>.
  23. Just ignore me today!! Maybe somebody can give me a math lesson after hours? Sorry for the mistake and thank you for correcting the error of my ways.
  24. If the actual nitely taxes are $7 and the tax rate is 7%, then Priceline's cost is $49 (i'll assume you just rounded it off to $50, but if your math still indicated $50 i'll go over it with ya :) ) This is a great example of how things on this board come "full circle". You posted the hotel info and indicated the taxes, now Scorp knows that $50 is at least one price point that he may have success at! We request that users post the tax info, but not everybody does (some just don't think of it or forget) :)
  25. This list is NOT a complete list of all hotels that Priceline offers in this area, it is ONLY a compilation of hotels that have already been reported on this forum. Hotels are added/removed by Priceline all the time, and star ratings can change at ANY time. As well, the geographic boundaries of an area are subject to change, so it is always a good idea to look at the Priceline map before purchasing. DO NOT USE THIS LIST to determine what areas to add when attempting to bid again within the 24 hour window (CLICK HERE for information on how to add cities in order to bid again). In light of the above, you MAY get a hotel that is NOT on this list, or get a hotel on this list but at a star level you didn't expect (if the star rating has changed). Lastly, this board (and its members) are here to assist you, if you have a question or are unsure of something, please ask before purchasing (since Priceline stipulates NO cancellations/refunds)! However, by using this board you agree that you do so at your own risk! (in other words, NO WHINING allowed!!) CLICK FOR: OR Augusta 3* Augusta Civic Center Inn Bangor - Bar Harbor (Bangor - Orono) 3* Courtyard 3* Four Points 3* Hollywood Slots Hotel 2.5* Fairfield Inn 2.5* Holiday Inn Bangor Odlin Road (previously 3*) 2* Best Western White House Inn Bangor 2* Ramada Inn Bangor - Bar Harbor (Ellsworth) 2* Comfort Inn Ellsworth Freeport 2.5* Holiday Inn Express 1* Super 8 CLICK FOR: OR Freeport (Brunswick - Bath) 3* Holiday Inn Bath Freeport (Lewiston - Auburn) 3* Residence Inn Auburn Portland (Portland - West) 3* Clarion (1230 Congress St) Doubletree 3* Eastland Park Hotel 3* Embassy Suites 3* Hilton Garden Inn Airport (this location is 145 Jetport Boulevard, NOTE another HGI in this zone at 65 Commercial St) 2* Howard Johnson Plaza 2* La Quinta Fairfield Inn Airport Portland (Airport - South Portland) 2.5* Amerisuites (now 2.5* Holiday Inn Express 303 Sable Oaks Dr) 2* Comfort Inn CLICK FOR: OR Portland (South Portland - Scarborough) 3.5* Marriott Sable Oaks 3* Courtyard Airport (100 Southborough Dr) 3* Doubletree Hotel Portland Wyndham Airport Sheraton REVIEW 3* Residence Inn 2.5* Best Western Merry Manor Inn 2.5* Towneplace Suites (previously 2*) 2* Days Inn 2* Extended StayAmerica REVIEW 2* Fairfield Inn 2* Howard Johnson York 2.5* Best Western York Inn REVIEW
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