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  1. Hotel in Princeton-Plainsboro?

    I have to say that I was not an ESA fan, but in the past couple of years, many properties have been refurbished. Granola bars, muffins, apples and coffee are offered for breakfast. They now provide shampoo and sometimes coffee for the in room coffee maker. But they still don't have an ice machine. There are four ESA's in the Secaucus area and these are typically offered in the $50-$60 area. For solo travel, it works for me.
  2. Las Vegas Center strip - 5* hotel - Hotwire

    With regards to parking, all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas (and this includes Vdara) will implement a parking charge in the Spring of 2016, you might want to contact the hotel for the exact dates. AaronJB is correct in that you could park at City Center, I have even heard of parking at Aria. The other option would be valet and when I stayed there three years ago it was free, but it's customary to tip the attendant. I'm probably one of the most ardent "no valet" types, but this actually worked out very well for my stay and it is beyond convenient. Which is helpful when you have a little one in tow.
  3. 5 star Las Vegas North Strip

    Please post an outcome to your Ft.Lauderdale trip. Have you made any successful bids through Priceline or booked a room through Hotwire that could benefit other board members?
  4. Las Vegas Center strip - 5* hotel - Hotwire

    I am a fan of Vdara, the rooms are suites with a seating area separated from the bed with a room divider and include a small refrigerator and a cooking surface. The hotel is very quiet, and from the lobby, the Bellagio Conservatory is about a 5 minute walk.
  5. I'm very pleased with this winning bid for the La Quinta Inn and Suites. I looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS and it appeared as if this property was being offered for $67due to the amenities plus there was a bed choice available and there was a reference to a Suite. Started bidding at $62 and it was accepted immediately. I have eave stayed here several times previously and it is one of my favorites because of all the freebies, parking, breakfast and HS Internet. As a bonus, there is a bus into Manhattan right in front of the hotel with frequent service. Made my bids through the PRICELINE links on the board. There are also many restaurants area. Room subtotal: $62.00 Taxes and Fees $16.23 Total charged today: $78.23
  6. rock on! The last time I visited Fallsview I received free parking with my players club card. Not sure if that's still offered or not. Do you have the winning rate in USD? With current exchange rates of $1.29, this comes to about $86 USD.
  7. This used to be an "old school" 1960'sHoliday Inn with outside entrances and a courtyard in the middle. I think about 10 years ago, it changed over to a Quality Inn. The TGIFridays is still there and very convenient.
  8. Made my same day bid using the PRICELINE links on the board. The rack rate was around $99, so I'm pleased with this win. Offer Price: $51.00 Taxes and Fees: $13.94 Total Charged: $64.94
  9. Florida keys

    I don't think there is any website that offers occupancy rates by the month, but generally speaking late August and most of September are kind of off season. It's so hot your tires might melt into the pavement though. Generally speaking, weekends are more expensive than the weekdays (Sunday-Thursday are cheaper). Holidays will increase occupancy, January up until early February is not too bad, but in Mid February through the spring it starts to get expensive. Biking is so dependent on good weather, you will have to keep an eye on the forecast, and book accordingly. I would start with the links on the board and check out several dates using Hotels.com to gauge rates. Also, the number of zones on PRICELINE and HOTWIRE are limited and you may want to stop in a town that lies outside of a zone.
  10. I didn't have a lot of time to make bids, so I used BetterBidding's WinAlert app to check pricing for both HOTWIRE and PRICELINE. I saw a 2.5 * for $46 with the following amenities: Free Parking Business Center Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Ended up with the Best Western Plus Brampton and received a room with two queen beds. There is an indoor pool with a hot tub just off the lobby. Room Price: $46.00 Taxes & Fees: $11.48 Total: $57.48
  11. Used the links on the board to buy this Price.line Express deal. The following amenities were displayed: Wifi, Breakfast, Gym, but no rating score or much else to go on. A leap of faith was rewarded. Room Price: $48.00 Taxes & Fees: $17.60 Total: 65.60 This hotel is close to the Sheraton and the Hyatt Place and directly in the landing path for runway 31 at LaGuardia Airport. Light sleepers might want to look elsewhere. But for $48 it's a good deal given the rack rate of $125. Parking is not included, but there is a city owned lot across the street ($1.50 an hour, 8 AM - 10 PM, after 10 PM it's free) Finding a space is akin to a shopping mall at Christmas, just pull off to the side and patience will be rewarded. Just pay attention to folks walking towards their cars; I was distracted for a moment and the guy behind me pounced before I could reach for my turn signal. There is a privately operated lot nearby that charges $20. I ended up with a non smoking room with a queen bed, very small, but fine for one. Went to Picnic Garden Korean BBQ, a carnivore's delight, for dinner.
  12. Started bidding at $54 in an attempt to get the Clarion (former Holiday Inn) but was rejected. There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $68 that looked like the La Quinta so I upped the bid to $58, then $61. Room Price: $61.00 Taxes & Fees: $14.37 Total: $75.37 This is a fairly new La Quinta that gets good reviews, all my favorite free-bees are included: breakfast, parking, wifi. Rack rate was $125 so I will take this any day. I used the PRICELINE links on the board to make my bids.
  13. has anyone flown frontier airlines ?

    I have flown twice out of Trenton and would do so again. Haven't flown out of PHL though. On a recent trip to Miami, I missed out booking a $15 fare out of Philly as my plans were not set. They are following a similar business plan as that of Spirit Airlines and to a lesser extent Allegiant which is to derive revenue through fees from baggage, confirmed seat charges, and such. I think it's just human nature to complain rather than praise, but I've flown on both Spirit and Frontier a total of 6 trips and haven't been burned. But, there's always a first time. Good luck with your trip, it would be great to hear back about the flight and if you make any bookings on Hot.wire or Price.line.
  14. Made this bid through the PRICELINE links on the board, tried to get a convertible for $20, wishful thinking. I almost had a little regret getting this accepted right away, but I guess it's the offseason. Ended up with a 2015 Camry and I was pretty impressed with this car after a week. Daily offer price: $16.00 Number of days: 7 Taxes & Fees $92.99 Total charged: $204.99