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  1. I'll try that.Thanks thereuare
  2. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered already but when I search express deals the "map view" option is unavailable.Multiple cities,different sessions.On my PC.Is it just me? Jay
  3. Kimpton Hotel Palomar it is! I'm pleased with this result. I could go on bidding but I wanted to get this trip out of the way before I concentrate on NY in September. The 10% off coupon was also a nice bonus. Many thanks to the forum and especially to thereuare for your help. Now I can relax knowing every portion of this trip is booked.At least for a little while before I dive into NY bids.
  4. ok a few others I'm considering: 4 Star in Brentwood-Westood PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal $189/night Guest Rating:8/10 Guaranteed Amenities: Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities 4 Star Hotel in Manhattan Beach - Hermosa Beach - Redondo Beach Area for $169/night PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal Guest Rating:8/10 Guaranteed Amenities: Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool 3.5 Star Hotel in Brentwood - Westwood Area for $186/night Guest Rating:7/10 Guaranteed Amenities: Free Parking Business Center Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  5. Hi, Any ideas as to what this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal is? Dates:June26-28 Zone:Downtown LA Star Rating:3.5 Rate:$133/night Guaranteed Amenities: Business Center Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Thanks in advance
  6. For the record I have stayed at the Hudson a few years ago.While not a 5 star,I thought the room was nice,if a bit small.It's close to the subway and the park.Having said all that,I feel your frustration with the resort fees in certain zones and the way PL deals with it.I'm interested in an update with your dealings with them and your trip in general.
  7. In my experience (Limited compared to yours most likely) the L can be jam packed. Especially at the 1st av station. The suitcases are manageable (spinners) but kinda big. Maybe we'll try it.
  8. It will be after 7pm on a Thursday and the luggage is on the large size. He lives a block from the Myrtle station at Broadway so we could take the L and walk but getting two suitcases on the L at night seems like a real jerk move.We could get to the M which is closer to his apt,but again two suitcases on the train seems bunk.Maybe not as bad as the L would be but I'm still leaning towards a cab. Thanks Edit:Using a couple of online fare calculators I get anywhere from $30-$50.$19 Uber.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply,and especially for that link.Cheers. Edit:Using google I find a few others near Penn Station. Thanks again.
  10. Got a question,sorry if this the wrong forum. My gf and I will be staying with relatives in Brooklyn for the first half of our trip. So if we take the train in from EWR we'll be stopping at Penn Station. Does anybody know if they have a luggage storage service? We'll probably want to spend some time in Manhattan before heading to Bushwick to drop off our big suitcases. Which brings me to another question. Presuming we do stop at Penn St,considering we have suitcases I'm wondering if we would be better off taking a car/cab to Brooklyn? Thanks
  11. Well we weren't able to add the three other nights to our bid for the same price so we'll have to split. As is typically the case with PRICELINE emails,it is total BS.
  12. My girlfriend just won the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel for $207 /night for September 20-23.It's a little more than we wanted to spend(Canadian dollar is weak right now) and Times Square is far from our preferred neighbourhood (We usually prefer to stay near the LES) but it's such an expensive time of year so sometimes compromises need to be made. It does seem to be a little outside Times Square itself,but still has a subway nearby. There is an option to add three more nights to our stay for the same price which we will probably take advantage of since our trip is September 17-23.We could try our luck in a more preferred zone but my girlfriend doesn't really want to split it up if we can avoid it.At any rate,the place looks decent and all things considered I think the price is decent as well,especially if we add the 17-20th as those dates in particular seemed even more expensive than the last three days when split up.
  13. Sorry,I forgot that you already mentioned that you did try that.
  14. Have you tried splitting your bidding in half?Making a bid for the first three days and then another one for the last three days.I've done it before it's not so bad.I'm going to NY almost the exact same dates and I've noticed after the 20th the prices are lower.Just some food for thought.
  15. Ranchito is on the list. Went there last year and I enjoyed it.Margaritas were strong and the guacamole made table side was a nice touch.