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  1. Which one got away from you? You've got quite a bit of time yet. PRICELINE EXPRESS and HOTWIRE deals change very frequently. The one you wanted may very well come back. Or you might see something else just right for you. Nail it ASAP.
  2. I'm a member, not anybody official from the board. But if I had your budget and your wishes (not Warwick), I think the first thing I'd try would be bidding 4.5* in the Downtown area up to the $230. It probably wouldn't work, but stranger things have happened. Romelle
  3. www.tripadvisor.com is always a good general place to look for hotel reviews. You can search this site for "renwick" to see if other members have gotten via either Hotwire or Priceline. Sometimes they are kind enough to also offer some added info on the hotel. Also, on this site clear at the end is Hotel Reviews posted by members. Sometime there is a different perspective from people who got a place at a bargain rate.
  4. You'll want to study those PL and HW maps yourself, but a quick www.rome2rio.com check of distances suggests the middle of downtown Richmond is about a $9 Uber ride from the middle of the PL West End area. And the Airport zone looks to be a similar distance the other way. You might consider those zones. I don't know Richmond either. You might look at the hotel lists and see what other bidders have received for those zones. Alternatively, you might consider just PL bidding the downtown area. And if it doesn't work within the $65, maybe add in the Uber cost of the rides from the more distant areas (+~$20?). Sometimes one can do a little better via bidding than PRICELINE EXPRESS or HW. You mentioned "all week", yet your date range is only for 3 nights? Romelle
  5. HOTWIRE can be a little more generous with stars than PRICELINE. Maybe a 1/2 star. So the HW 4* could be a Priceline 3.5*. Lots of variance. There are examples of exactly the same rating, examples of a full star difference, but there is definitely the tendency for a higher star rating on HW. I try to make a rough adjustment for that. And beyond this, when comparing things between HW and PL, the number to compare is the bottom line after fees and taxes. Not the bid amount. You don't need to post in HOTWIRE. All posts for the same stay are kept together, and then moved to the appropriate place when someone is done.
  6. If you check what is available via PRICELINE EXPRESS for same dates and area, that is a good ceiling for your bidding. Possibly a little less, since with PE you have the added advantage of knowing the amenities and an "educated guess" as to what hotel you might receive. Make the comparison on the total numbers though, where all taxes and fees are included. Romelle
  7. While HOTWIRE doesn't have a specific "cleanliness" indicator, that 55% guest rating is your best clue in this situation. Not a positive clue. And thereuare's added note that the rating came from people who got the hotel on a discounted rate makes it an even stronger indication that this isn't a good choice. Bargain hunters tend to be less picky that folks that paid full rate. You can take it one step further and read TripAdvisor reviews for the best guess. When you are searching, picking your desired zones and then sort by "Recommended". Seriously consider the best rated one within your budget. I see a 2* with an 80% rating I'd take over a 2.5* with a 55% rating.
  8. One of my best mental pictures of Las Vegas is the Dale Chihuly glass ceilings in Bellagio. Worth just wandering in to see. I was going to add a candy factory tour, but just checked and they are temporarily closed for remodeling. But the M&M store is great fun.
  9. I'm a member, not a board official, but a couple comments while you are awaiting your official welcome here: You'll probably find this the most flame-free, politest, most helpful board you've yet encountered. Just polite gentle nudges if you've misplaced, misunderstood or misstated anything. A good start might be to try that QuickQuote Bidding Helper up in the left hand corner. Enter your destination and dates. The next screen takes you to where you could start bidding via Priceline. You aren't quite ready for that yet, but do click into the Hotwire and Priceline Express columns to get an idea as to what you might get via those methods. Actual Priceline bidding can be a little bit less expensive, but HW and PE have the advantage of showing you the amenities and a pretty good guess from the officials here as to what hotel you might get. It is a matter of whether saving the last few dollars in more important to you, or knowing the hotel you get will offer some specific amenity (Free Parking, Free Breakfast, ....??). There is also the Winning Bids icon where you can see if other bidders had successes for your area and dates. And lots of other really good things. Romelle
  10. An easy way to see what weekends might be better is to just plug the 4 or 5 sets of dates into the QuickQuote BiddingHelper on the top left of the page here. And then look at the Priceline express 4* offers for the zones you like. Romelle
  11. Have you worked with MAPS and HOTELS.com yet? It was mentioned several posts back. An amazing tool. It lets you see the rates of hotels over a specific area, and then refine by star level and other things. If you broke your stay into two parts, you might find more reasonable rates for the earlier portion of your trip - 8/7 to 8/12 or 13. You'd have to experiment a little as the rates can start climbing a day or two before big conventions since people can choose an extra day or so just to enjoy the area. For this part you might find a hotel you liked in the very central area at a rate OK for you. Then look to the further out areas for the second portion of your trip, since you are thinking of driving to various outlying places anyway. Just to get your thinking started, there is a lovely 5* resort out in the Summerlin area. Maybe, if you can find the right specific hotel for the 1st portion of your trip, your daughter can get that separate TV. But tell her "tough luck" on the second portion since you'll be out and about so much she won't have time to watch TV anyway? Actually, while staying on the strip, there is so much to see and do that she might not want to spend time in the room anyway. And if you walk her little feet off during the day, she will just fall asleep at night. Have you been to Las Vegas before? While there is absolute magic there, there also are some less desirable areas and things. I hope you research a lot ahead of time. With your very specific room type requirements, you probably will have to book directly anyway, but the MAPS and HOTELS.com tool will make it a lot easier. I find that the opaque bidding works best when I'm traveling by myself and willing to just cast my fate to the winds and see what happens. The minute I have even one grandkid or son or friend with me, often I'm forced to book directly just to take care of everybody's requirements. A second additional person almost guarantees needing to do direct booking.
  12. Oops, I didn't post a review, but realized too late to edit the above. I did bid via Priceline and was happy with the result. The one issue I found was the hotel automatically added a charge from the mini-fridge every day. We never used anything from the fridge, just kept some cold drinks in it. They were good about taking the charges off the bill though. No argument. Do check your bill though.
  13. I stayed there several years ago. And did post a review in the Hotel Reviews area. A really nice hotel, and the metro transport very close and convenient. Enjoy.
  14. I don't think the deals are as wonderful as they were when things first started, but I figure I saved over $200 on the 10-day Prague deal I just reported.
  15. Hotel Beseda Prague Vladislavova 1477/20 Prague, 110 00 Czech Republic Amenities: Business Center Free Internet No Smoking 8/10 guest rating A Bed Choice was available. I took the default of Double Bed-Nonsmoking Room. While it wasn't listed as an amenity, in the fine print of the actual deal is listed Free Breakfast. It seems to be common in Prague hotels, even at the 4* level. For the 10 nights, $550.00 plus $114.90 taxes and fees. But I had an extra 15% off from a previous issue with PRICELINE EXPRESS saving $82.50. So the total for the 10 nights is only $582.40. There hadn't been any reported PRICELINE hotels for this zone so I was slightly nervous. Text from PRICELINE EXPRESS described the New Town North zone as: "The heart of this area is vibrant Wenceslas Square, Prague's main boulevard lined with shops, nightclubs, restaurants and much more. This commercial district also offers a number of theaters and cultural hotspots, including the National Museum. Visitors can easily get around this area, thanks to the multitude of public transportation options, particularly those around Wenceslas Square." Rates were about $20 lower than the more popular Old Town Square - Astronomical Clock Area so I decided to just go for it. I'm delighted now. The hotel is well rated on Tripadvisor. Romelle