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  1. NYC SEPT 19-22

    Bidding is free, so just start lower than you think could possibly be successful.  The only loss is wasting a little time.   Checking PRICELINE EXPRESS and HOTWIRE can give you an idea of the higher end of the range.  You likely can do a little better via bidding, so something below that - 15%?   Thereuare suggested your original $150-$200 is a stretch, so $150 could also be a good point to start.   Romelle   PS - I'm a member, not a board official.
  2. China hotwire list?

    In the Hotel Lists (above) select Hotwire.  Then Other Countries.  The list is organized by city.  On a quick scan I saw Beijing and Xian, although there might have been more.   Or just search on the specific city name to see all posts for it.     Winning Bids (above), and then select Hotels and Hotwire can work for specific states, but is unruly in this case because you get all non-US.   Romelle
  3. 3* Orlando bidding in progress

    You can bid on PRICELINE every 2 hours now.
  4. 3.5*/4* NY Madison Square Garden - Oct 3-8

      I'll do the easy question.  Via bidding on PRICELINE you have to be willing to accept any hotel within the zone boundaries of the zone or zones you are bidding, at the star level you are bidding or higher (an upgrade).  You can't count on your bidding to get you an specific hotel.  Besides the hotels members have posted as receiving, it is always possible to get a completely different one (speaking from several experiences).  Via Priceline Express, with the help of the board experts identification, you have a good chance of getting a specific hotel, but even that isn't for sure (again, speaking from experience).  Some of the identifications are more confident than others, but none are 100% guarantees.     I'm a member, not a board official.  Just thought I'd help a bit.  Romelle
  5. 4.5* Waikoloa - Kohala Coast Hotel

    You can't depend on that "...last person got..." in the Hotwire ads.     Have you looked at posted results from other members on this site?     Try from the heading:   Calendar of Wins (where you can check your dates, but also others) Hotel Lists (list of all reported hotels) Winning bids (with discussion about the bidding)   And of course there is always the possibility of getting a hotel as yet not reported.  Or one from a different star level that just had its rating changed.  Or one that was in a different zone, but the zone boundaries just got changed.  Or ....?   There aren't any guarantees, but the educated guess here has the best probability of being right.     Romelle
  6. You can use Winning Bids and/or Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins up in the header to see recent reported results.   Romelle
  7. If you look at the Priceline Express and Hotwire rates, you can get a good idea as to the point where bidding might be successful.  For that matter, if your bidding gets to that level without success, you might consider just taking one of those deals.   Lowball bids do occasionally work, and I also always explore the area first.  The exercise is free.     I'll let thereuare respond to the safety question (he is a native NYer), but you do need to pose it in using the actual zone names.  The numbers can change rather frequently, and the answer would be meaningless to someone reading at a later date.   Romelle   FYI - I'm a member, not a board official.
  8. I just tried your search (including 2 rooms), and I see a 4* USW for your dates for $155 when I go to Priceline via the Quick Quote process on the left side of the header.     I'm just a member, not an administrator, but this is a sufficiently good San Francisco rate with 8+ Guest rating that I'd be inclined to take it now without knowing what hotel it is.  It might be the kind of deal that doesn't last long.   Oddly enough, when I use the more general Quick Quote search via the Bidding Helper it doesn't show up??   Romelle
  9. San Francisco Trip 30 Mar - 6 April

    Yes, you are right, but it is important to correctly determine those zones.  thereuare included a link to the method in his most recent post.  Once you think you've got it, it is an extremely good idea to post back the zones you believe are the right ones so somebody here can double check your findings.     You have to know the right way to do it because things change regularly.  You have to determine the right zones just before each bidding session rather than relying on some old list.      
  10. San Francisco Trip 30 Mar - 6 April

    "Well I could only find 2 hotels in Fisherman's Wharf at 4*..."   If you look at the top of the  Priceline Hotel List, you will see the comment that all the lists only contain hotels that members have reported as getting via PRICELINE bidding.  There actually are 3 4* hotels in the list, and there is always the possibility of getting one not yet reported (speaking from experience).      
  11. I did that about a year ago.  The hotel simply rebooked me for the right date.  I suppose it depends upon the specific hotel, but wouldn't hurt to ask.   Romelle
  12. HW has some text on their site about holding a car up to X hours after the booking time.  I can't remember the actual number, but thought it was a surprising 24.  Definitely a large number.     I put it to the test in Tampa with an hour and a half late arrival.  No problems.  In fact, the agent set my time to when I actually took the car out so I had the extra time on the return side.
  13. Disney help.

    I'm sure you will get some excellent lists from your previous request, but you might also check a couple other sources.  At the very end of this site is Hotel Reviews.  It has the unique perspective of members here having gotten a bargain rate.  And then the larger public www.tripadvisor.com can often also be very helpful.   I think you need to have a good list of just what is important to you.  People's wants and needs can be very different.      
  14. Anaheim Help

    Hotwire deals can change quickly.  If you see something that fits your needs, it is usually a good idea to jump on it.  On the other hand, if you missed a deal, sometimes you can wait a bit and it will come back.     Good luck!
  15. Hotel room in Philadelphia 31.12.16-3.1.2015

    If you get any specific advice from others here that have been to Philly, that is great.   But if not, CLICK HERE for a list of Philly eating places and food tours.     Romelle