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Priceline FAQ - Frequently Asked Priceline Questions

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Booking room for more than double occupancy and/or two beds in a room:

Priceline only guarantees double occupancy... after that everything else is at the discretion of the hotel. Usually this comes down to an availability issue, but in some areas (such as NYC, which have notoriously small rooms) it is riskier than in a family oriented area (such as Orlando), since the former has much more 'one bedded rooms' than the latter. After your winning bid you can call the hotel and put in a request for a room with two beds, but this is not guaranteed.

In some situations all is not lost. There are some situations where two rooms thru Priceline can be less expensive than booking one room direct. If this is not the case in the area you're visiting, you should also consider HOTWIRE which allows you to search for up to quad ocupancy, but is usually a little more expensive than Priceline (although usually still cheaper than conventional bookings).

Additional Reading:

Four in a Room

Quad Occupancy

Adjoining Rooms

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Bottom line is that you can't be guaranteed a non-smoking room (the only way to guarantee a preference such as this is thru the hotel's website, and even then i once witnessed a problem as the hotel just didn't have a non-smoking room available when the guest arrived).

Here are some tips to improve your chances:

-call the hotel and put in a request for a non-smoking room (especially if you know the 'priceline rooms' are only of a certain bed type)

-check-in early in the day (but after offical check-out time) when there are the most number of rooms unassigned

-join the hotels affinity program and have the number entered on your reservation. If the clerk tells you you're not eligible to get points on your reservation, tell them "i know, but i'd like it recorded in the system for any incidentals i charge to my room during my stay"

-hand them their affinity card along with your credit card when you check in

-smile and be friendly at check-in

I'd guess better than 95% of the time users are able to get non-smoking rooms as requested (and bed configuration requests a bit lower than than), but i'd guess the worst case scenario in your situation is that they'd move you to a non-smoking room after the first nite.

If you need additional reading material:

Non-Smoking Rooms

HOTWIRE non-smoking room

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FREE Breakfast, Parking, etc

If the hotel offers free breakfast (parking, etc) to all of their guests then you should also receive the same amenities. However, if free breakfast (parking, etc) are only available to guests who booked a special package or rate, then you do not receive these perks/amenities. This is especially true in airport areas where some hotels offer Park N Fly programs and include 'x nites parking' while on your trip... these are special rates/packages and priceline/hotwire guests do not receive these amenties/perks (not do other 'traditional' guests who did not book the package.

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The Hotel Lists seem out of date, is there a more recent list

The hotel lists are NOT out of date!! The dates at the top of each hotel list is the date that thread was started... all hotel lists are updated as soon as new/updated information is posted to the board.

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When to Book, Will Prices go Down, etc

Prices are a function of supply and demand, so nobody will know if prices will go down if you wait until closer to your check-in date. Best thing to do is know what prices are typically accepted in the area you're seeking and then also make sure if hotel direct prices are 'normal' as well. (ie- if there is a large convention or some other event in town driving up the cost of hotel rooms, then 'normally accepted bids' are not likely to be won for these dates).

If you do choose to wait and hope that prices go down, remember that prices can also go up if hotel bookings remain high or come in stronger than projected. This is why it is important to book a cancellable reservation as a back-up!! EasyClickTravel is a often a good source of refundable rates (usually cancellable up until 3 days before check-in date) as well as the hotel's own website. We have links to almost all major hotel brands in our SUPPORT PAGE and it would be appreciated if you used them for your reservations as it helps keep this place running and a free resource for everyone.

Do note that using an offer that you see on Hotwire as a back-up is NOT recommended as the hotel offerings and prices change all the time. We have often seen users try to use a Hotwire hotel they see as a back-up and then when hotels start to sell-out on their own, they see the Hotwire offer disappear or jump to a price that makes it no longer feasible.

Additional Reading:


EDIT TO ADD: i recently gave this explanation and it was well received as being concise and easy to understand, so i'm adding it to this thread:

Hotels have a pretty good ideal where they'd like to be, and where they should be, in terms of booking for any given date, taking in to consideration seasonality factors, events, conventions, etc.

If it's 10 months before a date and the hotel is only 5% occupied but they feel they should be at 15% occupancy, then they will price rooms (including opaque rates) very aggressively until they're at a 'comfortable' occupancy level for the amount of time before the dates in question... at which point they're raise rates again.

A perfect example of this is what we're currently seeing in NYC... just a short time ago the hotel market there was very slow and the economy was still somewhat uncertain, users who booked 6-9+ months ahead where getting great deals, even for peak season (spring) dates, as hotels didn't have many reservations on the books. The hotel market there, while still not 'strong', has recovered very nicely (stronger then most had expected) and rates for Spring dates are high once again, leaving many asking 'why can't i get the same deal' (which was booked months ago)

Bottomline: If your plans are firm, it never hurts to bid early... as long as you don't overbid. Know what a 'good deal' is for the time period you're traveling and keep your bids near the lower end of the expected range... not bidding the high end of the expected range until you get closer to the stay.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.

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Priceline's "Retail Product" vs. "Name Your Own Price"

Priceline's "Buy It Now" (ie- non-opaque, retail, etc) product and the "Name Your Own Price" (ie- opaque, bidding, etc) product use different sets of hotels. All hotels that participate in their retail product do not necessarily participate in their opaque product, and vice-versa. There is a fair amount of overlap, but it is very risky to assume that you will get a given hotel based upon the information in Priceline's non-opaque product.

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"Available" vs "On Request" with EasyClickTravel

Available: rooms are available and can be booked/confirmed immediately

On Request: easyclicktravel has sold their allotment of rooms. They will contact the htoel to see if they can get additional inventory at their pre-contracted price and will let you know within 48 hours (sometimes it can take a bit longer if they are busy)

Success with getting "On Request" reservations has been mixed. Some hotels frequently give them additional inventory, some never give additional inventory, while others base their decision on their own occupancy levels for the dates in question. Although there are no hard and fast rules, my observation is that chances are good if hotel direct rates are 'normal'... chances are typically much lower if it is a very busy time and/or many hotels are sold-out or a large convention is in town driving up prices.

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After My Priceline Bid is Rejected I'm Shown Regular Retail Rates

Sometimes PRICELINE will direct you to their "retail" screen... since you just placed a bid, they know you need a hotel room, and since you were unsuccessful with your first preference of 'naming your own price', they're cross marketing their retail service in hopes that you'll buy a hotel from them thru that side of their service.

Although not the intention when created, many have found the PRICELINE search box on the top right of the page convenient to use in these situations. If you're re-directed to the 'retail' section of the PRICELINE website, or you need to close the browser and re-access PRICELINE in order to 'clear' previously added zones, our search box keeps all your city and date information, so you just need to click the GO button again to resume your bidding, rather than needing to re-enter all your destination information.

The above has also been occuring on rental cars as well.

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DON'T use the hotel lists to determine your re-bid zones

As it's mentioned at the top of each hotel list on the board, do NOT use the hotel lists to determine your re-bid zones. For the property way to determine your re-bid zones, see this Priceline Re-Bidding Explained thread.

Should you have any questions on re-bidding please post a NEW TOPIC in the appropriate state/country category and include your dates of travel, acceptable zones, desired star rating and budget.

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