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Little Time

Identify Detroit Downtown

12 posts in this topic

I've used this board's HOTWIRE link for stays at the Hilton Garden for Detroit Tiger games, so I know the offerings pretty well. Thursday April 5 is opening day, which is always a huge Detroit event. I booked a cancelable backup at the Athenum for $149, but based on my prior Hotwire search for Detroit on that date, I get updated e-mail offerings every 2 or 3 days.

Today I have an e-mail link to the following:

4.5* Detroit Downtown Area Hotel - April 5 to April 6



Business Center

Fitness Center

High Speed Internet Access


Golf Nearby

The 4.5* is a "huh??" moment.

This is a dead on match for the Atheneum description on the board, but the board also indicates "same as Motor City Casino."

Anyone have speculation? I see the very recent win for Greektown as a 4*, and also see on the April 5 offering a 4* that I am certain is the Cadillac Book. Exciting to think there is a 4.5* hotel in Downtown Detroit, but having stayed many times at Atheneum, I can't see it being upgraded to 4.5* without some work being done on it.

Tempted to book it to help update the board, but if there's 3 feet of snow in Detroit on April 5 its nice to have the cancelable option. Also, if by chance it is the Motor City, that is not walkable to the ballpark. Not sure if MGM Casino Hotel has been reported to the board.....that could be it as a new participant, because it says "still gathering reviews on this property."

If nothing else, I thought I'd mention to the board that there looks like fantastic deals for opening day if booking early and willing to commit!

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As per the welcome message in your INBOX please don't use the links in PRICELINE and HOTWIRE emails and instead stop by here and use the links on the board to begin your bidding, searches and purchase.

Please click this HOTWIRE link and reply to this thread, we'll then have a look at the offer above.


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I'm sorry I didn't think to avoid originating a search from their e-mails. I used the link from BB just now and came up with the same set of downtown hotels on April 5 to April 6. In the Downtown Detroit area, same price on the mystery 4.5* of $108. The Cadillac Book was up $1 to $113, and the 3.5* Fort Shelby now appears at $90. Thanks!

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As both the Atheneum and the Motor City Casino share the same amenities (and the same Tripadvisor rating) there is no way to know if one/either of these have been upgraded to the 4.5* level. As it appears the Atheneum would be the 'lesser' property in your eyes... would it be worth the $108/nite price tag if that is what you received?

Thanks for using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board.

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I am going to bet it's one of the casinos. The Atheneum is reporting as sold out at this time.

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Thank you.

Yes, the Atheneum is great and worth $108. The Motor City is not great logistics to the ballpark.

I'm going to keep the cancelable Atheneum for now. On another game that's not opening day I'll definitely book that offer if I see it again and let the board know.

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Thanks for the follow-up and letting us know your decision for this trip.

Have a good stay and enjoy the game.

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This Hotel is coming up for me as well as I am searching for a place for May 26th - May 29th.

I used the HOTWIRE link from the board to search for it. Does anyone have any idea as to what property this would maybe be?

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Welcome to Betterbidding. :)

This listing has not yet been ID'd/reported to the board. Please start a new thread and we would be happy to help with your stay.

Thank you for using the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links to start your purchases and searches.

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It is the MotorCity Casino Hotel

Thanks for the post.

If you've purchased and received this property can you please post the details of your purchase to the board as a NEW TOPIC. In your post please include the star rating, city, zone, hotel name, room rate, dates and amenities shown before the purchase... you can still view all of this information by going to HOTWIRE and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page.

Please use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your travel purchases.


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